Again, Matt is a designer and developer living in Appleton, Wisconsin.


tl;dr: he does a lot of web-related stuff.

With just about a decade of experience designing and coding things on the web, Matt’s skillset stretches wide — from User Experience (UX) Design, to Visual (UI) Design, all the way to Frontend Development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He’s been referred to as a “unicorn”, although he tends to prefer “jack-of-all-trades” as it relates to the web (less glitter and sparkles).

His skillset consists of (but is not limited to):

  • User Experience

    • Wireframes

    • App concepts

    • Usability test creation, facilitation, and documentation

    • Card sorting

    • Storyboarding

    • Site evaluation

    • UX Research

    • Survey design

    • Rapid Prototyping

  • Visual Design

    • Mockups

    • Branding

    • Style guides

    • UI documentation

  • Frontend Development

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • SASS

    • JavaScript

    • jQuery

    • Angular

    • WordPress

    • Squarespace development

In addition to that skillset, his toolkit generally consists of (again, not limited to):

  • User Experience

    • A notepad and pencil

    • Stacks of index cards and Post-it notes

    • A good Sharpie pen

    • Whiteboard markers (just in case)

    • Sketch + InVision for prototyping

    • HTML + CSS for prototyping

  • Visual Design

    • Sketch

    • InVision


    • Adobe Photoshop

    • Adobe Illustrator

    • Adobe Xd

  • Frontend Development

    • Visual Studio

    • Scout-App for SCSS *

    • JS templating such as Handlebars.js *

    • Greensock JS or other animation libraries *

    • * (depends on the project)